The "Alea Lehnga Choli," which was made with the highest love and care, is a celebration of perpetually elegant customs. You'll be enchanted by its beautiful Tea Pink colour, which oozes romance and femininity the instant you set eyes on it. With this exquisite colour selection, you can be sure that on your special day, you'll be the centre of attention and radiate an ethereal glow.

The "Alea Lehnga Choli"'s allure is derived from the exquisite net dupatta's wonderful marriage with raw silk. This lovely mix produces a play of textures that is quite captivating to see. Your skin will feel luxuriously soft against the raw silk, and the net dupatta's beautiful flow will give your appearance an extra dash of charm and bridal wear dresses pakistani.




This mehndi dresses bridal ensemble in decadent rust gold Kashmiri pink embroidery on a bed of tea pink bridal lehenga pakistan in raw silk which is beautifully hand crafted and paired with gorgeous choli with detailing of patch work, chattapati with gota dabka with glittered sequin, kat danna, pearls and metal bells as hangings. It is featured with a beautiful four-sided net dupatta with heavy boarders and Kiran edges with generous repeat patterns of elegant floral motifs across all sides. It is paired with a unique pouch that has the simpler embellishments. It is just the perfect combination of traditional yet chic.

With our magnificent "Alea Lehnga Choli," available only at Mantashani, our walima bridal dress Wear, embrace a dimension of magic and perfection. Explore the remarkable ensemble's utmost beauty and elegance, and get ready to be astounded.




At Mantashani by Rici Melion, we think that every bride ought to experience a sense of esteem and exclusivity on her wedding day.  At Mantashani, we take pride in offering a wide variety of options, including made-to-measure services, ensuring your perfect fit and personalized touch for your dream ensemble. We devote our hearts and souls to selecting mehndi bridal dresses clothing that is as distinctive as you are because of this. The "Alea Lehnga Choli" is more than just a piece of clothing; it's a representation of tradition, love, and fulfilled dreams.

Let the "Alea Lehnga Choli" be a part of your treasured recollections as you embrace the magic. Enter our shop to discover true enchantment! Our knowledgeable fashion advisers are ready to lead you to the wardrobe of your dreams. With our beautiful products, you'll think you've entered a magical realm.

Visit our store right away to get this magnificent ensemble since you deserve nothing less on your path to a lifetime of happiness. Prepare to rediscover your self-love in the classic beauty of the "Alea Lehnga Choli".

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