Mushq-e-Muhabbat: The perfect combination of Bride and Groom’s Dress!

Combining the bride and groom's attire is essential to a wedding ceremony. It represents the love and affection between the couple. This concept is deeply rooted in the Eastern wedding culture, and it is believed that a perfect combination of bride and groom's attire will enhance their beauty and bring good luck and prosperity to the newlywed couple.

In Eastern culture, weddings are grand celebrations that last several days, with unique rituals and customs. However, the most critical wedding day is when the bride and groom exchange their feelings and become life partners. Therefore, the bride and groom's attire are the center of attraction on this day, and every couple wants to look nice on their special day.

bespoke bridal dress for women and groom dress for mens

Are you looking for something breathtaking for your Special Day?

Mushq-e-Muhabbat is the concept of Mantashani that provides you with perfectly matching attires for the Bride and Groom, making your special day majestically remarkable. The average bridal wear range, complemented by various forms of traditional embroidery, makes your fantasies bona fide. Exquisitely balanced work embroidery with perfectly infused shades created by our finest designers for your special day to make it memorable. Standout by being majestic alongside your partner by wearing traditional yet elegant dresses. You can try the following combinations:

In search of a Staggering attire?

The Saanvi Lehnga Choli is perfect for leaving a mark on people's memories. Starting with the floral design on choli,  an exquisite embroidery work of kat dana blended with perfectly balanced tilla work that is even astonishing with rasham thread. The Lehnga is a unique piece of art with stones embedded mixed perfectly with kat dana, tilla work, and sequin that is further enhanced by rasham thread work. The double dupatta style is a unique element; the dupatta is the same color and embroidery as Lehnga; the other is green to make you look more luxurious. It makes you feel heavenly and the most unique person.

To make the couple astonishing, the groom can wear Ashkan Prince Coat, a perfect match for the bride's dress. The jacket is an ideal fit with tilla work that complements the bride's dress. The green color of the prince's coat with matching trousers and kurta is the perfect attire for the groom. The groom’s attire will enhance the couple’s overall look and make them adorable and majestic. Order your dress from Mantashani today to make the special occasion memorable

What traditional wear would be perfect for your next event?

Attending a wedding of someone close to your heart or your big day, you can make it memorable by wearing the Mehr Afarin Pishwas. The mustard color of this dress gives an impulsive look when it's enhanced with metallic embroidery featured with floral motifs and sweeping archway patterns inspired by the Mughal Era Architecture, paired with double-toned dupatta incased with broad border embroidery. Make a remarkable impression by wearing this attire at your next event.

If you are not single, why not wear matching attire with your partner? Providing your partner with Olive Green colored Ceyhun Awami waistcoat. Embroidery work of Mughal era style makes this a perfect dress to pair with Mehr Afarin Pishwas. It can be further enhanced by wearing it with Brown colored Kurta pajamas. Make a staggering impression whether it’s your Nikkah or you are attending a loved one’s wedding with your partner. Order your attire from Mantashani today to make the special occasion memorable.

bespoke bridal dress for women and groom dress for mens


Planning to wear something contemporary on your Special Day?

The Embroidery work of Alea Lehnga Choli is genuinely one of a kind; it's not just unique, it is incredibly detailed. Embroidery work types are infused in creating this marvelous piece of art. The tea pink color of Lehnga is enhanced by the rust gold Kashmiri embroidery on raw silk that is appealing, handcrafted, and paired with the gorgeous choli. The choli is patchwork, Chattapati with goota dabka with glittered sequin, kat dabba, pearls, and metal bells as hangings. That is further escalated by a four-sided net dupatta with heavy borders or Kiran edges with generous repeat patterns of elegant floral motifs across all sides. Finally, it is paired with a pouch with similar embellishments.

The Ewad Prince Suit is perfect as its timeless off-white color with white-colored embroidery creates a luxury style. This prince suit combines Mughal-era art with modern-era stitching, and the slim fit cut makes it perfect for a groom's body. Pairing the Ewad prince suit with Alea Lehnga Choli is ideal for couples to make their special day even more marvelous and majestic. Order your attire from Mantashani today to make the special occasion memorable.

Reeva Lehnga Choli: The best outfit for your wedding?

The exquisite and traditional Reeva Lehnga Choli is the perfect wedding attire! This stunning dress is bound to make you feel like a queen. The Lehnga Choli is a three-piece ensemble that comprises a skirt, blouse, and a dupatta and is tailored to perfection to create a timeless look. The Reeva Lehnga Choli is adorned with intricate and exquisite Tilla work sequence, gold kora, and drop shape stone featuring floral motifs. The embroidery is crafted to perfection by skilled artisans, who have taken the utmost care to ensure that each design is perfectly placed, and every stitch is immaculate. In addition, the rust-orange color of the dress adds to the charm and elegance of the outfit and will make you stand out on your big day.

The Lehnga of the dress is made of high-quality raw silk that drapes elegantly, creating a majestic and regal look. The skirt is designed to be flowy and easy, allowing you to move around quickly. The blouse is intricately designed to complement the Lehnga, and the dupatta is adorned with similar embroidery as the skirt and blouse, creating a harmonious look. The Reeva Lehnga Choli is perfect for brides who want to embrace tradition while still looking chic and sophisticated.

Barbad Awami Waistcoat - the perfect choice for the groom who wants to embrace tradition on his wedding day. This stunning waistcoat is crafted with the finest quality materials and features intricate Tilla work embroidery that adds a little creation of elegance to the outfit.

The Barbad Awami Waistcoat comes in a beautiful mustard color that perfectly complements the Reeva Lehnga Choli. The waistcoat is designed to fit comfortably and is tailored to perfection to create a sophisticated and regal look.

The Tilla work embroidery on the waistcoat is crafted by skilled artisans who have carefully ensured that every stitch is perfect. The embroidery features intricate floral motifs and is placed in a way that creates a harmonious look. The embroidery work adds to the overall charm and elegance of the outfit.

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